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Every year we fly with all our friends to the winter nest. After a lot of celebrations in the Meier man, in the bay and in the "secret garden" we land, like last year just before Christmas, in the Knight Butzke.

We look forward to a galactic line-up, mysterious luminous creatures, lots of KlimBim & ZingZing and of course a meeting with all our old and new friends! Turn the Knight Butzke into the Oewerall winter nest with us.

On a last festival this year - Together to Oewerall.

◹ ◺ ◸◿ HANG UP ◹ ◺ ◸◿

∆ Sport brigade Sparwasser ∆

∆ Bonjour Ben ∆
(Sparkler's Tribe)

∆ Arkadiusz ∆
(After hour sounds)

(PRIZM: Berlin, Seaside Trip)

∆ Fennypenny ∆

∆ struppie ∆
(Valley of Confusion)

∆ Actually we are called Klaus ∆
(Laut & Luise)

∆ XOXO - DJ Team ∆

◸◿ ◺ ◸◿ PE RFORMANCE ◹ ◺ ◸◿

Hut Disco by Ostmost collective
Installation by Tranquilo Collective
Tanz Performance by Con.Takt Tanzkollektiv (Oewerall)
Live painting session in the backyard floor from Denise Alheit to Bonjour Ben´s Set

◹ ◺ ◸◿ TICKETS VVK ◹ ◺ ◸◿
Nest ►►► € 10 ►►► limited until 11.12.
Knight ►► 12 € ►► limited until 21.12.


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Oewerall Winternest already took place on 21.12.2019.

Unfortunately you are too late to participate, the event has already taken place!
Kommende Veranstaltung:

07.03. - 08.03.20
nur 09.95 € / Ticket

Oewerall im Mensch Meier
10407 Berlin

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